IPL 2023: A larceny complaint is filed after the Delhi Capitals lose equipment at Bengaluru Airport.

The Chief Operating Officer of Logistics Company Express Freight System has officially filed a larceny complaint after Delhi Capitals players lost equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars at the Bengaluru airport. In addition, the Chief Operating Officer of the Freight Company has requested that the police investigate this matter and assist them in locating the missing items.

Earlier reports indicated that the Delhi Capitals were startled to discover missing equipment from their kit bags upon returning to Delhi from Bengaluru following their IPL 2023 match against RCB. However, the COO of the logistics company has filed an official complaint and contacted the police for assistance in this matter.
“The complaint states that at the Bengaluru airport, their staff unloaded the vehicle and the load was booked with IndiGo for 64 bags on Flight No. 6E861, for which the load was screened and handed over,” ANI reported.

The bats of prominent players such as David Warner, Mitchell Marsh, and Phil Salt are absent.
Now, regarding the turn of events, it is reported that after the players’ luggage arrived at the ITC Maurya, they discovered missing items and sports equipment. The logistics company received notice of the missing items the very next day.

“It is also stated that their Delhi team released this shipment through their staff, the cargo was promptly forwarded for final delivery, and 64 items were unloaded and delivered to Hotel ITC Maurya. The following day, they learned that some items were missing, the statement read.

According to the complaint, 17 bats, 3 thigh pads, 7 pairs of gloves, 2 helmets, 3 main pads, 3 shoes, and 2 sunglasses are AWOL. Three of the missing bats reportedly belonged to DC captain David Warner, two to Mitchell Marsh, three to Phil Salt, and five to Yash Dhull.

After each match in the league, all players leave their kit cases outside their respective rooms for the logistics company to collect. However, the players receive their luggage outside of their rooms at the location of the team’s away game. As the police prepare to take over the investigation and assist the logistics department in locating the missing items, additional information is awaited.

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