Gautam Gambhir files defamation complaint against Hindi daily Punjab Kesari for calling him ‘Bhasmasur’

Former India cricketer and BJP lawmaker Gautam Gambhir has filed a lawsuit against the Hindi newspaper Punjab Kesari. According to reports, the cricketer has filed a defamation suit with the Delhi High Court seeking INR 2 crores in damages.

Gambhir has filed a lawsuit against the editor of Punjab Kesari, Aditya Chopra, and two of its correspondents, Amit Kumar and Imran Khan, for abusing their journalistic freedom and publishing numerous false and libelous articles about the cricketer.

In the lawsuit filed through attorney Jai Anant Dehadrai, Gambhir cited multiple reports and asserted that the Hindi daily distorted its accounts. According to a report by “bar and bench,” one of the newspaper articles allegedly compared him to the legendary demon “Bhasmasur.”

Among the reports cited in the lawsuit are:
Sansad Gautam Gambhir Lapata Gali-Gali Me Lage Poster (Member of Parliament Gautam Gambhir has gone missing; posters have appeared on the streets);

Dilli’s AWOL MP joins the Lucknow Super Giants as Bhasmasur.

Adesh Gupta continued speaking, while Gautam Gambhir departed;

Ye Naye Mijaz ke Sansad hai Faaslo se Milo Karo (This is a politician with a new mindset; maintain a safe distance when meeting him).

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