Mark Wood leaves the Lucknow Super Giants’ training facility in 2023 to give birth to his daughter.

For the birth of his daughter, top pacer Mark Wood is prepared to travel back to England. The Lucknow Super Giants team, which published a video of him in the early hours of May 8, has confirmed the development. Even though he anticipates returning later if LSG advances to the playoffs, his odds currently appear slim given that he was seen obtaining many of his colleagues’ signatures prior to departing the camp.

Wood, meanwhile, has played for LSG in four games this season and has taken 11 wickets in the process. Prior to becoming ill with the virus, he appeared to be in excellent shape. Naveen-ul-Haq then took his spot in the lineup, and Wood was never given another chance. He hopes to recover well and bounce back stronger in the future, though.

“In honor of my daughter’s birth. So, let’s go home, reluctantly, but for a good reason. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return, and you’ll be able to see me once more. In a video posted by LSG on their Twitter account, Wood said, “I am sorry that unfortunately I have not played more and in the four games that I have managed to play, I have managed to get a few wickets and hopefully, I can charge in again.”

“This place has excellent teamwork. I genuinely adore the team, the coaching staff is outstanding, and it’s been nice to watch the guys succeed at various stages of the competition, the 33-year-old continued.

One more push to enter the playoffs and advance to the championship game: Wood
Before departing the camp, Wood encouraged his colleagues and urged them to give it their all throughout the final stretch of the competition in order to advance to the IPL playoffs and eventually the finals. He added that the players are working hard in training and anticipate the support of the crowd as they begin a crucial stretch of the season.

“One more push to enter the playoffs and advance to the championship. That is the objective, and we all recognize it. Sports are difficult; you win some and lose some, but the guys are working hard at the gym. There are some wonderful people in the organization, and they go above and above for your team. Keep supporting them and believing in them, and I’m confident they’ll succeed,” Wood said.

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