Mohammad Nabi, a former captain of Afghanistan, intends to construct a cancer hospital in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health.

Mohammad Nabi, a 38-year-old former captain of the Afghanistan cricket team and one of the game’s top all-rounders, recently declared his intention to raise money for the construction of a cancer hospital in Afghanistan. Additionally, he disclosed that the Ministry of Public Health would work with others to construct the hospital.

In a conference held in honor of World Thalassemia Day, the former captain disclosed his intention to construct the Addei Cancer Hospital. The day serves as a vehicle for raising awareness of the illness associated with a blood issue. According to TOLOnews, Nabi also mentioned that the hospital would have a specialized department for the care of Thalassemia patients.
Nabi emphasized the significance of giving the best healthcare to the population as well as spreading knowledge about the condition because it is a genetic blood disorder that affects many Afghan residents. Notably, the condition is a hereditary abnormality in which less hemoglobin is produced than normal.

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