“MS Dhoni cried that night,” says Harbhajan Singh of CSK’s 2018 IPL revival.

In 2018, former CSK cricketer Harbhajan Singh described the impassioned outburst of MS Dhoni.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as “Captain Cool,” has always been praised for his composure on the field, regardless of the gravity of the situation. Harbhajan Singh, a former CSK player and veteran Indian cricketer, described the time MS Dhoni cried while surrounded by his CSK colleagues.

In a video released by Star Sports, Harbhajan disclosed what transpired in 2018, when CSK returned to the IPL following a two-season suspension for suspected involvement in the IPL wagering scandal. Former CSK spinner Imran Tahir joined Harbhajan and agreed with him, adding that he understood Dhoni’s love for the team at that juncture.

“There is a tale I’d like to tell. In 2018, when CSK returned to this competition following a two-year suspension, there was a team dinner. I’ve heard the expression “Men don’t cry,” but MS Dhoni cried that night. He became empathetic. I believe no one is aware of this. Correct, Imran Tahir?” said Harbhajan Singh.

“Of course, I was there as well. It was an emotionally charged time for him (MS Dhoni). Observing his expression, I realized how dearly he holds this team to his heart. He views the crew as his extended family. It was very emotive for all of us,” Imran Tahir responded.

Former CSK cricketer added that it was a memorable victory for him and the squad, despite widespread criticism that the team was “too old.”

“After two years, we returned and claimed the trophy. And when people label your team as “buddhe” (aged men), and I was a member of the squad that season, but we still won the championship. I am extremely pleased with that victory,’ he concluded.

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