MS Dhoni to retire from IPL and play in SA20

Graeme Smith is in awe of MS Dhoni’s enormous fan following and desires to have him on board for South Africa’s T20 league. Despite speculations of this being Dhoni’s final IPL season, his calculated approach towards retirement has left everyone guessing. While he hinted towards it at times, he has also indicated towards returning for IPL 2024. Regardless of the eventual decision, Graeme Smith is hopeful about Dhoni’s inclusion in SA20.

Before the inaugural edition of South Africa’s T20 league, there were rumours of Dhoni joining Johannesburg Super Kings. However, it was not feasible due to his contract with IPL. For an Indian player to be part of an overseas league, they have to sever all ties with BCCI. Smith, however, remains hopeful about Dhoni joining SA20 as he believes that the IPL legend would add a lot of value to the league.

When asked about persuading Dhoni to join SA20, Smith burst into laughter and admitted that the doors are open for him. Dhoni has a huge fan base not only in India but also in South Africa, making him a valuable asset for the league. Smith is amazed by Dhoni’s performance in IPL 2023, especially with the bat, despite coming down the order for CSK.

Dhoni has been an incredible servant for Indian cricket and Chennai Super Kings. Smith is hopeful that if Dhoni looks to turn on and play for SA20 at the end of his career, they will certainly welcome him with open arms.

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