Ravi Shastri ponders the impact of T20 leagues on bilateral cricket and international contests.

With the current season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, many of the world’s most famous cricketers are participating and representing their respective franchises in what is arguably the largest Twenty20 league in the world. Moreover, a number of reports claim that franchises are seeking to offer long-term contracts to players, which could cause them to shift their focus entirely to franchise cricket.

Former India cricketer Ravi Shastri opined that bilateral cricket, particularly ODI cricket, could be expected to take a hit due to the rapid rise of T20 leagues around the globe. This was in light of the fact that cricket is becoming increasingly similar to football.

“I have always maintained that bilateral cricket will suffer; there is no doubt about it. Shastri was quoted by ESPNcricinfo as saying, “As leagues proliferate around the world, it will follow the football model.”

“The teams will assemble shortly before the World Cup; they will play a few bilateral matches; clubs will discharge the players; and you will compete in the mega World Cup. So, whether you like it or not, in the long run it will proceed in this manner. I do not feel at all terrible; one of the game’s faculties will suffer. He added, “I believe it will be 50-over cricket.”

Consider the population of this country: Shastri
With leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Big Bash League (BBL), and many others gaining popularity around the world, Ravi Shastri reflected on the fact that he understands the shift towards league cricket, as only 11 players can represent the Indian national team at any given time.

“Consider the population of this country; there are 1.4 billion of us, but only 11 can perform for India. How will the others behave? They have the opportunity to play white-ball cricket; it is their asset across all international franchises. Seize the opportunity. It’s common sense; it’s how they make a livelihood. It is their source of revenue. No one will be able to deny them access to this. They are not under contract with the BCCI. What holds them back?” Shastri said.

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