Rohit Sharma opens up on Team India’s biggest setback in recent years

India’s cricket captain, Rohit Sharma, expressed his belief in the remarkable resilience and collective effort displayed by his team after their defeat in the inaugural World Test Championship Final in 2021.

He attributed their success in reaching the championship final for the second consecutive time to the unwavering determination and crucial contributions of every player. The forthcoming cycle of the World Test Championship final, spanning from 2021 to 2023, will witness a riveting clash between India and Australia at The Oval, commencing on June 7.

Rohit Sharma commented in a video released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) about how the team responded after the 2021 final in Southampton. He stated, “Following the World Test Championship (2021 final) in Southampton, we immediately regrouped and prepared for the next cycle.”

Reflecting on their journey in the previous cycle, Rohit Sharma recognized the challenging battles they faced and highlighted the team’s unwavering determination in conquering numerous obstacles during the tournament.

“In that cycle, we played exceptionally demanding cricket. We encountered numerous challenges and it required immense character, not just from a few individuals but from everyone, to emerge victorious,” expressed the Indian cricket team’s captain.

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