Walk of infamy : the Donald Trump star causing a stir in Los Angeles

The Controversy Surrounding Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

In the heart of Los Angeles, where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood meet the realities of city politics, lies an inconspicuous terrazzo plaque that has ignited a fierce debate: Donald Trump’s star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame. The controversy surrounding this star, which Trump earned after hosting several seasons of the TV reality show “The Apprentice,” is emblematic of the complex interplay between politics, celebrity, and history. In this article, we delve deep into the convoluted tale of why some wish to erase Trump’s star, while others staunchly defend its presence.

The Vocal Critics

Political leaders in Los Angeles haven’t held back when it comes to expressing their opinions about the former president. They have referred to him as a madman, a fascist, and even “a clear and present danger to the stability of the country.” These sharp critiques are hardly surprising, given that Los Angeles overwhelmingly favored Trump’s opponent in the 2020 presidential election.

The Reluctance of LA City Leadership

However, despite these vocal criticisms, the city leadership has been strangely hesitant to take concrete action to remove Trump’s star. While there’s a clear desire among city officials to see the star gone, they find it remarkably difficult to openly discuss their intentions. This reluctance reflects the intricate web of politics in Los Angeles.

A Political Quandary

City council member Bob Blumenfield, for instance, expressed support for removing any city-owned public display of support for Mr. Trump. Still, he cited being preoccupied with other critical issues. California state assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur, whose district includes the Walk of Fame, similarly alluded to future developments but remained evasive.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Role

One major obstacle to star removal is the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, responsible for administering the Walk of Fame since its inception over six decades ago. The Chamber has consistently maintained that once a star is dedicated on the Walk of Fame, it remains there permanently. This stance, though, has faced backlash from activists who argue that circumstances have evolved.

Defying Tradition

Despite repeated defacement and destruction of Trump’s star since his entry into politics, the Chamber has resisted calls to remove it or leave the damage un-repaired. Trump’s star has also become a canvas for street artists, who have transformed it into various forms of protest, from a mini-jail to a toilet adorned with classified documents.

The Slippery Slope Argument

The Chamber and sympathetic city officials have argued, albeit without concrete evidence, that modifying or removing one star could lead to chaos. They fear that interest groups would seize the opportunity to object to other honorees, creating a never-ending cycle of controversy and protests.

Changing Dynamics

However, recent developments suggest that the tide may be turning. A new councilmember, Hugo Soto-Martinez, who leans significantly to the left, took office last December. He has expressed a willingness to address the issue head-on, stating that Donald Trump is a “racist, fascist, and a threat to our democracy.” The question now is when and how this will happen, given the lack of precedent for star removal.

The Legal Quagmire

One of the key challenges lies in determining the legal authority to remove a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some have asserted that the Walk of Fame is a “California state landmark” beyond modification by local authorities. Still, official sources refute this claim, clarifying that Los Angeles holds sole jurisdiction over any changes to the Walk of Fame.

A Complex Dilemma

So, what’s holding everyone back from taking action? The Chamber’s considerable influence, coupled with the economic importance of the Walk of Fame to Hollywood Boulevard, has kept many city officials at bay. While some welcome greater scrutiny of honorees, others hesitate to initiate action on issues originating in someone else’s district.


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame encapsulates the intricate dynamics of politics, celebrity, and history. While there is a clear desire among some to remove the star, various factors, including the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s stance, legal complications, and shifting political dynamics, have contributed to the ongoing debate. The fate of Trump’s star remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: it serves as a symbol of a broader discourse on the role of celebrity in American society.

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