Largest Temple in India: The upcoming Ram Mandir is poised to be the largest temple in India, 

Standing at a height of approximately 161 ft and covering an expansive area of 28,000 sq ft. 

The temple's design was conceived 30 years ago by Ashish Sompura, son of chief architect Chandrakant Sompura from the renowned Sompura family

The foundation of the temple is made of soil collected from 2587 areas, including holy places like Jhansi, Golden Temple.

The construction of the Ram Mandir is unique as it refrains from using iron or steel.

The bricks used in the construction of the temple bear the sacred inscription 'Shri Ram'

Soil has been sent from Thailand for the consecration ceremony as a sign of international spiritual harmony,

This temple is spread over three floors, spread over 2.7 acres. The ground floor depicts the life of Lord Rama,