10 things about Arun Yogiraj and Ram Mandir consecration ceremony


Arun Yogiraj, a distinguished sculptor from Mysuru, hails from a lineage of five generations of renowned sculptors in Karnataka 

Yogiraj, the sculptor of the Ram Lalla idol, expressed his feelings of being the "luckiest person on the earth" as he arrived in Ayodhya for the consecration ceremony of the Ram Mandir. 

He attributes his success to the blessings of his ancestors, family members, and Lord Ram Lalla, considering himself fortunate. 


The childhood form of Lord Rama, spiritual and religious sects, tribal communities and prominent personalities will be included.

The main rituals during the ceremony will be performed by a team of priests led by Lakshmikant Dixit  

The idol of Lord Ram, measuring 51 inches tall, was placed inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple in Ayodhya, with the first photo of the idol revealed during the placement ceremony 

The idol portrays Lord Ram as a five-year-old child standing on a lotus, crafted from the same stone.